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We help teachers implement digital technologies into your classroom. Check out our FREE resources and school incursion programs.

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STEM Education

3-5 minute lessons delivered daily for 10 days.

Join our Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce as she teaches you the basics of working with drones in the classroom, and how to use them in the Digital Technologies curriculum. 

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Drone Programs in Schools


Drone Programs in Schools

We deliver programs for teachers and students, in school, that are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and industry aligned. We have had over 3,500 people do our programs, are you next?

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Classroom Resources

We have professional development courses, lesson plans and activity sheets all mapped to the Australian Curriculum, including Digital Technologies! Many of our resources are FREE and you get instant access.

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STEM Education

Our Story

Increasing Diversity in STEM

The future of our economy relies greatly on people with STEM skills, but there is a lack of diversity in STEM. Australia haemorrhages female talent in STEM disciplines from as early as primary school and many people believe that all scientists wear a white lab coat. We are on a mission to increase the diversity in STEM, through the magic of drones and geospatial science.

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