Paul Mead

Hi, I’m Paul,

I have had a life of service. I have been a military officer, a teacher, coach and now am the Managing Director for our purpose driven business, She Maps, increasing the diversity in the STEM workforce.

Through all of my experiences, I have learnt a lot about running a business. I have failed countless times, but each time I have got back up and had another go. I have learnt that it is easier to get back up if you are doing something that you are truely passionate about and you have a great team around you.

You will also find me helping other business owners succeed in their business, through my Business Coaching practice.

Paul Mead

Paul Mead

We have also got a son, who we are currently homeschooling, just to add a bit more pressure to the mix!

But what makes it easier, is that we have built a great team around us, who are empowered to make decisions and are invested in our brand. This makes owning a business more enjoyable and sustainable, meaning that we have a bit more freedom as a family.

Here is a bit of my story to how I have got here…

I was bought up in a small town in NZ called Gisborne and left to join the Army once I finished school. Go see the world! And that is what I did! Leading soldiers in Vanuatu on a construction project, Lebanon doing bomb disposal, Afghanistan leading an engineering team and in Darwin supporting NZ’s efforts in Timor Leste.

My 11 years in the NZ Army taught me strategy, leadership and about taking action. The Army also gave me a sense of purpose! I thought this was the way the world worked, but I soon learnt I was naïve after leaving the military.

Upon leaving, I worked for two very poor leaders in succession. They destroyed the culture, their staff and the business. The purpose of each business was lost and the staff were far from engaged. I left both, saying not again! After the second time, I knew what I was going to do. 

Paul Mead

Refinding my Purpose

I have spent the last 5+ years helping business owners and leaders increase their performance, to reach their true potential and become successful through building highly profitable businesses with engaged staff. I have also found my own purpose again, no longer content to just have a J.O.B, but I am truly engaged in something that I am passionate about.

Paul Mead

Leadership Excellence

In 2016 I was recognised for my commitment to leadership excellence and was the National Winner of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (then AIM) Emerging Leader of the Year.

I Do, I Teach, I Learn

I am not one to tell others how to build their own business without having done it myself (there are too many so called 'Business Coach' experts) or one to tell others how to teach without experiencing it myself. 

So, inside She Maps I often teach our programs. This gives me a great insight into what is happening on the ground and how to support our Education Development team to make our products better.

When I am coaching my clients in my Business Coaching Practice, I am helping them implement strategies and tactics that are working in our business. I have called this my Art of Business Leadership framework.

I am not an expert or a guru, but I have learnt by experience and multiple failures!

Sport and Recreation Industry Transformation

One of my other passions is the sport and recreation industry and you will also see me working with National Sporting Organisations. Our national sporting bodies are going through a huge transformation as the sport and leisure market becomes more competitive and funding guidelines from Sport Australia changes. Much of my Art of Business Leadership aligns across to this industry too.

Paul Mead

Making an Impact

A project that I am proud of is Diamonds in the Rough. This is a program that uses baseball to empower girls to make positive changes. It connects emerging Australian Emerald players (female national team) with young Indonesian girls, challenging gender norms and raises awareness of domestic violence. I have been the strategic advisor since the start, and this connects with my strong interest in Indonesia.

We were also a finalist in the 2017 Australia Indonesia Awards for the program.

Links to Indonesia

I am a CAUSINDY alumni from 2015 and now part of the 2019 Alumni conference. I believe that our closest Asian neighbour, with a population 10x the size of Australia and with a burgeoning economy, we need to have strong links for the benefit of our economy and to support the developmental aims of Indonesia. 

Paul Mead

That's me!

So that is my story, to date anyway! Now living in Cairns, we enjoy the freedom that living in the tropics gives us. A great lifestyle, close to Asia, but still connected to the rest of Australia.

We are passionate about what we do and the impact we are wanting to achieve in this world. So if you want to talk to me about making a greater impact, then just get in touch!