FAQ Find answers to commonly asked questions

How much do your programs cost?

We have different pricing structures for corporate and educational programs. We also develop packages specific to your needs so please contact us to discuss.

Prices are affected by the number programs you require and how far the instructor needs to travel to teach the program. Get in touch and our Programs Coordinator will be able to give you options and pricing.

What age groups do you cater for?

Our existing programs cater for all ages from Grade 5 onwards. Age is no barrier, we have taught many adults to fly with us as well!

We are a co-ed / all boys school - will you teach boys?

Absolutely! Our program is gender neutral and just as much fun for boys as it is for girls. However we do stipulate that girls and boys are trained separately. This is because they have different learning styles and we want to ensure that we cater for this, particularly with respect to building girls' confidence with the technology.

What equipment do you bring for a program?

We bring all the equipment needed to run the programs except for the following, which we ask the school to provide:
- A space that is about the size of a basketball court (28m x 15m)
- A projector, screen and if possible a microphone with speaker system.
- A least one teacher, classroom aide or support staff to assist with supervision and learning support.

Are your school programs mapped against the Australian Curriculum?

Yes, our programs are designed by qualified teachers and tertiary educators. They are mapped against the Australian Curriculum and the Digital Technologies learning area, so teachers have confidence that the program provides real life outcomes.

We also have a range of resources for teachers, such as lesson plans, worksheets and online teacher PD.

I’m a teacher, what support do you provide me?

We provide teacher professional experience workshops to ensure that what we teach when we visit your school can then be continued in the classroom. We know that this is new technology and that teachers are busy people. So we have done the hard work for you and can provide ready made lesson plans and resources to meet the Australian Curriculum outcomes.

Are all your instructors trained through a comprehensive multi-day training program?

Yes. All our certified instructors are required to attend a minimum two-day training course where they are trained and assessed. Our instructors are chosen against a competitive recruitment process.

Ongoing training and mentoring is a key part of our instructors ongoing professional development.

Do you sell larger drones?

We do, BUT. There are a large range of drones out there and it depends on what you want to use it for. Our Education Director has flown a wide range of drones, from the 60 gram micro drones through to 25kg heavy lift drones and everything in between. So we know a bit about capabilities.

We don't recommend that schools invest in the larger drones for their classrooms in the early stages of developing this technology into your curriculum. There are a range of risks that must be considered, including public liability insurance. The standard PL insurance most schools have is unlikely to cover drone flights (we have Aviation insurance). Also, there are a number of CASA regulations which need to be adhered to, including not flying within 30m of people when outdoors, not flying over the top of people, not within certain distances of airports etc.

We believe that the learning outcomes can be obtained with a drone like the DJI Tello, without adding in the additional risk of larger drones. Once you are ready to progress to the next stage, then we can supply larger DJI drones at education prices.

I'm an adult, can you teach me too?

Of course! We have programs specifically for adults and are also flexible in designing something to suit your needs. Our program has a strong foundation in geospatial technology so we have a mapping flavour to our training.

Are your programs really designed by qualified teachers and university lecturers?

Yes, our Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce has been engaged in tertiary teaching since 1999. Karen has led the creation of the program content with qualified teachers reviewing and adding to the resources.

Can I get my Remote Pilot's License (RePL) through She Maps?

No, we are not providers of this level of training. However participants of our program will have a head start in drone flight when undertaking an RePL course.

Our adult mapping workshops provide training and experience above and beyond what is addressed in RePL certification.

Do you conduct 1-1 Training

We can provide 1-1 training. However, please note that we do not provide training for you to gain your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). But if you just want some training to increase your confidence in using the technology, then this can be arranged.

What will it take to bring your programs to my town or school?

We will go wherever demand takes us! If we aren't already scheduled to come to your town or school, get a group of people together and get in contact with us. The more people you have, the cheaper the price will be to cover instructor travel expenses. We do have instructors around the country! We encourage Schools to sign up to our FREE e-book and we will send you links to all the booking information you need.

Are you a CASA approved training provider?

CASA approved training is required for organisations providing Remote Pilot Licence training. We do not provide RePL training. Our programs come from a STEM and education background first and foremost.

We do meet CASA regulations in all other aspects of flying drones though. Our Education Director, Dr Karen Joyce holds a RePL for flying drones up to 7kg and we have public liability insurance.

We continue to work with CASA and Education Departments around the safe integration of drones into schools.