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Join the World's first online conference from 30 Sep - 4 Oct. Designed to give educators the confidence and inspiration to bring drones and other digital technology into their classrooms to create engaging STEM lessons.

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Become a Geospatial Scientist for the day!

Our programs are designed to take students and teachers on a journey of being a geospatial scientist for a day. Up to 30 participants at a time are engaged in learning about the safety aspects of drone flight, they will manually fly a micro drone and then complete a survey mission to gather data! 

All of our programs and resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum with a focus on the Digital Technologies subject, cross-curricula learning outcomes. 

The best place to start is to understand how many people you would like participate and your budget.

We conduct events around the country and our programs are not just for schools! Because learning happens outside the classroom too. We run our programs for community shows, regional roadshows, National Science Week, library programs, school holiday programs and corporate events.

We have three school incursion programs for students and one face to face Teacher PD experience.

  • Drone Day Teaser (2.5 hours)
  • Teacher Professional Development (2.5 hours)
  • Fly Away Drone Day (5 hours)
  • Drone Camp (2 - 3 days)

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Our most popular

Drone Day Teaser

The Drone Day Teaser is our most popular program. Most schools run two Drone Day Teasers in the one day, giving 60 students an amazing experience.

Immerse your students in our edutainment experience that takes them on the journey of a day in the life of a geospatial scientist and drone pilot. Students will explore different applications of drones before embarking on their mission to capture aerial photography over a disaster stricken town. 

Core learning stages include safety, manual flight, and coding for autonomous flight.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Just for Teachers

Teacher PD

Many schools run a Teacher Professional Experience before or after their student drone event. This allows the teachers to better understand the program and how to apply the technology across the curriculum. It also helps them gain confidence in helping the students.

Experience the magic of the Drone Day Teaser for yourself, but also come behind the scenes with us to learn more about how you can incorporate drones into your curriculum.

Get a step ahead of your students and gain the confidence to work with drone technology to inspire our next generation of scientists and innovators.

Extended Programs

Delve Deeper

Fly Away Drone Day

If you’re looking to increase the depth of your students’ learning, then our Fly Away Drone Day is for you. 

We cover the same components as the Drone Day Teaser, but delve deeper into the experience so students gain a higher level of competence with a greater amount of time to explore, reflect, and problem solve.

Students build their team skills through competitive challenges, and tie their experience together with digital storytelling, which we share as the day concludes.

STEAM by Stealth

Drone Camp

Our first day covers the same learning curriculum as the Fly Away Drone Day, but it’s the second day where the students’ skills and creativity fly high. With all sorts of challenges such as parcel delivery, choreographed drone entertainment, search and rescue, weed eradication, and resupplying the International Space Station, students take their scientific problem solving skills to a new level.

Our strong focus on teamwork and communication builds confidence and a sense of achievement that the students share in their digital storytelling. For an optional third day the students undertake a workshop on stereotypes and resilience, and we host a parent / community showcase of their learning.


She Maps are the people to turn to if you want to engage female students with drones. They are highly organised, well prepared and are flexible with program design if you need them to meet a specific need of your school.

Mark Gray, Vice Principal, Methodist Ladies College

It was very evident through all of the girls’ presentations on Friday that you spent a lot of time empowering all of the girls, not just in the area of science but in all parts of their lives. This was so heart-warming to see and a gentle reminder to me as a mother that we do need to remind our girls that the world is their oyster.

Mother of Program Participant

This is a fully comprehensive program with strong links to the curriculum. It is easy for first time flyers to use and implement effectively in the classroom in an engaging way. The resources and lesson plans make this an easy yet highly effective program that can easily be implemented in any school.

Tracey Shorten Master Teacher / STEAM, Trinity Beach State School

“It was absolutely brilliant. Our girls (and teachers/parents) loved it so much and are so enthusiastic to share their learning with the rest of the school.”

Malanda State School Teacher

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